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State Directors
Nancy & Jess McVaney
603 Mineral Rd
Glenville, WV 26351

WV Good Sams Standard Operating Procedure
Good Sams Club Constitution and ByLaws

Join A Good Sam Chapter And Join The Fun!
We have been having fun together for 38 years!

You are surely missing out on a great Club benefit if you are not part of a local Good Sam chapter. Chapters are groups of members who like to camp together; but camping is just part of the fun. The camaraderie and friendships often grow into an extended part of your family.

Many chapters just enjoy spending time with each other at local camp outs or traveling in caravans together. The pleasure most members receive from the various get–togethers is the sense of sharing a common interest, swapping travel adventures and keeping one another posted on the best routes to their RVing destinations.

Community service is another aspect many chapter memberships offer. While having fun, chapters may participate in local civic events and fund raisers, for such organizations as Dogs for the Deaf, Ronald MacDonald House, Special Olympics, and Make a Wish Foundation, just to name a few.

You will find that joining a chapter is not only enjoyable, but another chance for you to use your Good Sam Club membership to its full extent. So join our chapter family and start enjoying more wonderful camping experiences.

Camping with your friends and family….PRICELESS!! Join a WVGS Chapter today ... Or start a new chapter!!


The WV Good Sams Club is on Facebook. Each WVGS Chapter is on Facebook. Keep up with the latest events and happenings. Start and take part in discussions on the forum, and more. If you have a Facebook account, join the group. If you don't have a Facebook account, this is your excuse to get one. The link to the WV Facebook Group is
WV Facebook Group

Celebrate Camping in WV
The Good Sams Way

RV Rally = Big Camp Out

Everywhere you go camping--pass out Good Sams Applications; RV Rally Applications and tell folks about the WVGS and the WVGS RV Rally. Place the info in the campground office and on each of you do this whenever and wherever you camp. Its is one of the best ways to spread the good word about WVGS. We aren't the biggest and fanciest RV Rally around--but we are the most fun and the friendliest. Come to the RV Rally and celebrate camping in WV--the Good Sams Way.

Thank you!!
Please help the WVGS Grow!!

Where ever you travel
please take a few WVGS Flyers!

Take several of our flyers to pass out at
your favorite camping spot
your favorite RV dealer
your favorite store--places to shop
your favorite restaurant
wherever you travel in the USA
and have all your chapter members do the same
thank you from the WV Good Sams
help us grow our great organization.
Download the flyer Page 1 here.

Download the flyer Page 2 here.


Be Persistent!

Invite contacts to your next campout and the next RV Rally. Call them and keep calling them. When you are out and about and see an RV in a yard, stop and knock on their door ask to talk to them about Good Sams, WVGS and your chapter. Go prepared with your chapter info and RV Rally applications. When you are out camping, walk and talk to each camper in the campground. Don’t be shy!! Call them and keep calling them. Be positive

We encourage each chapter to do crazy fun games at their meetings and campouts and at the RV Rally!
· Other campers see you having fun and they will want to join in your chapter fun!
· Does your chapter have a bean ball baseball game?
· A bocce ball game? A ladder golf game? A set of horseshoes? A washer game?
· Get them out of the RV at each chapter outing and invite others to join you.
· Then talk to them about Good Sams; your chapter and the RV Rally.
· Ask them to join your chapter! Invite them to your next campout or outing.
· Tell them about our WVGS website and WVGS Facebook page!
· Do your homework and be prepared!
· Have chapter brochures/schedule; business cards; WVGS flyers; RV Rally applications ready.
· Have your WVGS yard sign and chapter banner prominently displayed.
· Take pictures and post on your chapters Facebook page.
· Take pictures and send to the Wises for posting on the WVGS website!

· How about a crazy fun game as a chapter fund raiser at the RV Rally?!
We have lots of fun games in the WVGS State trailer that you and your chapter can get out any time and play!
· Challenge another chapter or another state to a game!
· Bring your chapter games to the RV Rally and challenge

Dogs For the Deaf Canine Newsletter

A new edition of the DDF Canine Listener newsletter coming out soon. Don't receive it but want to? Sign up for the e-mail version at DFD Newsletter or e-mail newsletter@dogsforthedeaf.org with your name & address to sign up for the USPS version. Available on Facebook too.